Welcome To Rainbow Motel.

A warm and cordial welcome to our guests and friends! May we extend our most gracious welcome and sincere wishes for a pleasant stay while you are with us.

We will try our best to make you feel comfortable and at home. We realize from past experiences that our guests may have some needs we cannot anticipate, and we only hope that you will bring them to our attention. If it is at all within our power, we will do our utmost to fulfill your requests.

Should additional information be needed, other than that enclosed herein, please consult one of our Front Desk attendants.

The management & Staff

Guest Services

  • Laundry: On-premises, Coin-operated machines are availible between rooms 122 and 123.
  • Housekeeping: The quality of your stay is ensured by our housekeeping staff. If your have any concerns with your room please dial "Zero".
  • Breakfast: Complimentary coffee and breakfast items availible to all guest in front office.

We Have 31 Rooms.

  • All rooms have Microwave oven and Refridgerator.
  • Rooms are availible with Queen, King or Double Queen beds.
  • Complimentary Coffee in room.

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